Selection Committee
Mega Valentina

Mega Valentina joined the Council as a Manager in September 2019. She is responsible for leading the advocacy and intelligence activities for the Indonesia and Brunei Darussalam portfolios, as well as strengthening the relationships with Council members.

Within the past decade of her career, Mega has bridged the relationship between businesses and policymakers across Southeast Asia and managed projects with the United States, the European Union, Australia, Japan and China. Her expertise is government relations, cross-cultural communication, and project management with a focus on trade facilitation, standards and conformance, and regulatory trade frameworks in the automotive, health and technology sectors. In addition, she has experience as a communications specialist in media relations, branding and digital media management facilitating cross-border trade and support advocacy.

Prior to joining the Council, Mega worked at the ASEAN Secretariat, World Vision Indonesia and the International Chamber of Commerce. Mega earned her Masters of Public Administration from John F. Kennedy School at Harvard University. She is trilingual, speaking Indonesian, English and Chinese.